Somers Commercial Structure Fire
By Assistant Chief Alexander Dennett
October 30, 2017

At 13:00 hours on Monday October 30th, the Bedford Hills F.A.S. Team was requested to a commercial structure fire within the Somers Fire District. Car 2033, Tower Ladder 57 and Utility 6 responded with 10 F.A.S. Team qualified members. Upon BHFD arrival, Somers Command put Bedford Hills Volunteers to work as an additional truck company. Crews performed vertical ventilation and assisted the Somers Fire Department with overhaul. BHFD units cleared the scene at 15:00 hours.


Somers Fire Department - Car 2442 (Command), Car 2445 (Operations), Engine 183, Engine 185, Tower Ladder 18

Bedford Hills Fire Department - Car 2033, Tower Ladder 57, Utility 6
Mohegan Fire Department - Car 2261, Engine 257 (F.A.S.T.)
Yorktown Heights Fire Department - Car 2531, Engine 272
Westchester County - Battalion 17, Cause and Origin Zone 4