Lightning Sparks Fire at local Preserve
By Chief of Department Jason Nickson
July 22, 2019

Lightning happens. During Monday’s storms, lightning struck the inside of a large century old Hollow-Ash tree at Westchester Land Trust’s Tom Burke Memorial Preserve On McLain Street. With help from Brendan Murphy of WLT and Barney Zipkin Tree Service, we were able to work together to extinguish the tree and prepare for safe removal. The fire was isolated to the one tree, with no extension to other areas of the preserve or injuries to wildlife, residents or Firefighters.

We Thank the staff of Westchester Land for their assistance.

Incident Run Down:
Car 2031, Car 2033, Engine 198, Mini Attack 9, Utility 6

Car 2031, Tanker 5, Mini Attack 9, Utility 6