BHFD Takes Action to Improve Firefighter Safety
By Assistant Chief Alexander Dennett Sr.
May 28, 2020

On Monday May 11th, the Board of Fire Commissioners unanimously approved the installation of HAAS Alert into Engine 199 (Rescue Pumper), Rescue 10 (Heavy Rescue) and our three (3) Command Vehicles (C2031, C2032, C2033). All five (5) units were installed by Hudson Valley Fire Equipment with the first unit made operational on May 12th. The Bedford Hills Fire Department is the first fire agency in New York State to utilize the technology.

What is HAAS and how does it work?

HAAS is a digital alerting system that pushes real-time notifications to navigation apps, such as Waze, to smartphones and in-vehicle navigation systems when responders are en-route or on-scene. Alerts are intended to notify motorists with as much as 30 seconds advance notice, to allow them more time to slow down, move over and make safer decisions.

Traditionally, responders rely on lights and sirens to alert motorists of an emergency scene or response. Quieter car cabins, busier roads, and more driver distractions make the traditional method less effective today, Studies show that motorists with full visibility and unimpeded hearing, have less than 3 seconds on average to safely react before collision.

Firefighters have responded to numerous alarms since activating the HAAS Alert Technology. We pride ourselves on proactively taking steps to improve firefighter safety with the newest technology. While HAAS is another tool to help keep us safe, we remind motorists to ALWAYS slow down and move over whenever approaching an emergency vehicle or scene.

Units: Car 2031, Car 2032, Car 2033, Engine 199, Rescue 10