Operational and Administrative Officers for 2021
By Chief of Department Alexander Dennett Sr.
January 1, 2021

As the calendar turns to the New Year so do some Officers in the Bedford Hills Fire Department.

First, we would like to extend our gratitude to the following individuals who are stepping down after completing their term during one of the most difficult years in recent history;

Chief of Department - Jason Nickson
Director - Christine Foster
Captain - Jonathan Spano
Lieutenant - Matt Van Dorn
Lieutenant - Jonathan Sordellini
Lieutenant - Nicola A. Bueti
Engineer Engineer 198 - Marc Graniero
Engineer Engine 199 - Brian McGill
Engineer Tanker 5 - Robert Fuentes
Engineer Mini Attack 9 - John Norcia
Engineer Rescue 10 - Rosario Gramuglia
Deputy Chief - George E. Graniero
Deputy Chief - Santo Curro

The Department would also like to congratulate its newly elected officers.

The Administrative and Operation Officers for 2021 are as follows:

Board of Chiefs
Chief of Department - Alexander W. Dennett Sr.
1st Assistant Chief - Zachary S. Patierno
2nd Assistant Chief - Brian S. McGill
Deputy Chief - David J. Liburdi

Board of Directors
President - Robert W. Bancroft
Vice President - Robert E. Fuentes
Director - Jonathan R. Spano
Director - Kenneth I. Barocas
Director - Robert A. Dennett Sr.
Secretary - Rebecca M. Welch
Treasurer - Nicola D. Bueti
Chaplain - John Flynn

Ladder Company
Captain - Sean Rooney
Lieutenant - Sean Curro
Lieutenant - Timothy Collins
Engineer Tower/Utility 57- Donald Clemmenson
Secretary/Treasurer - George Minotti

Engine Company
Captain - Christopher Brooke
Lieutenant - Jason Nickson
Engineer Engine 198 - Joseph Liburdi Jr.
Engineer Engine 199 - Kyle Brown
Engineer Tanker 5 - Michael Hohner
Engineer Mini Attack 9 - Eric Stitzer
Secretary/Treasurer - John Norcia

Rescue Company
Captain - Wayne Dolan
Engineer Utility 6 - Martin Bailey Jr
Engineer Rescue 10 - Martin Bailey III
Secretary/Treasurer - Nicola D. Bueti

Appointed Deputy Chiefs
William E. Nickson (DC-35)
Joseph J. Lombardo III (DC-41)
Dominick N Bueti (DC-43)
Jason L. Nickson (DC-44)

Good luck to the all the 2021 Officers!!


Pedro Torres January 01, 2021 at 9:31 PM
Congratulations, everyone. I think you all mean 2021 in the news story, not 2020 ;)