Bravest Battle Garage Fire
By Assistant Chief Zachary Patierno
February 16, 2021

At approximately 0608 hours, BHFD was dispatched automatic Mutual Aid to the Bedford Village Fire District for a reported structure fire. Upon arrival of BHFD Car 2032 (AC Patierno) updated the county of a confirmed fire in what appeared to be a section of the gate house. With this update, BVFD Car 2041 requested his department’s 10-75 assignment.

Shortly after dispatch, Tanker 5 with a crew of 6 arrived on scene. The Tanker 5 crew deployed two hand lines and had water on the fire within minutes of arrival. Simultaneously, the crew conducted a primary search of the gate house, and confirmed no persons, or extension as the fire was actually in a detached garage.

Bedford Hills, Katonah, and Bedford Fire units worked together to control the blaze. All units cleared the scene after the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services Cause and Origin Team investigated the fire building, and extensive overhaul was completed.

Units: BHFD: Car 2031, Car 2032, Tanker 5, Engine 198
Mutual Aid: BFD: Car 2041, Car 2042, Car 2043, Engine 109, Engine 110, 52-B2 KFD: Tanker 6, Ladder 39 MKFD: Car 2281, Utility 13(FAST)