Triple Pull - on Katonah 10-75
By Deputy Chief Jason Nickson
April 24, 2021

Around 9:00am the Katonah Fire Department was dispatched to a residential alarm at 51 Lyon Ridge Road. While enroute 60 Control advised of smoke in the residence and shortly after the 10-75 was transmitted by Car 2211 for the confirmed the attic fire, bringing Mutual Aid Companies to the scene including Engine 198, Tanker 5 and Rescue 10 from "the Hills".

Crews were able to quickly knock down the fire keeping it contained to the attic. Bedford Hills Companies remained on scene for approximately two hours before being released by Katonah Command.

Remember the importance of making sure your smoke detectors are working as they save lives and property!

Photos Credit: Frank Becerra and Ex Chief Dean Pappas

Units: Car 2033, Car 2034, Engine 198, Tanker 5 and Rescue 10