“School's Open – Drive Carefully”
By Deputy Chief Jason L. Nickson
September 1, 2022

Today – September 1st, the Bedford Central and other area school districts kick-off the 2022-2023 School Year. This seems like the perfect time for us to review some very important safety points to help ensure the well-being of our beloved children. Please read this, review the attached images and the information and share this, especially with your kids and teen drivers!

- Obey all School Zone Speed Limits
- Follow all Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures
- Put your phones down and pay attention
- Make eye contact with all pedestrians crossing a street
- Never pass a School Bus with flashing red lights
- Come to a full stop at all Stop Signs
- Be patient and slow down!

- Stay to the right when on the road and always go in the direction of traffic
- Come to a complete stop at Stop Signs and, for the kids, walk your bike across intersections
- Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings
- Wear a helmet

- Walk on sidewalks. If none is available, walk FACING traffic
- Listen to Crossing Guards
- Make eye contact with drivers before crossing a street
- Pay attention

From all of us at the Bedford Hills Fire Department, here is to a safe, healthy and enjoyable school year!!!