Townmates Celebrate 100 Years of Dedicated Service!
By Deputy Chief Jason L. Nickson
January 8, 2023

For a century The Bedford Hills and Bedford Village Fire Departments have not only shared a border but a bond - unique and unwavering from the beginning. From the humbled beginnings of borrowed chemical tanks to the overdue and well deserved state of the art Fire Headquarters. We congratulate our brothers and sisters to the east on their 100 years of service!

In part of celebrating their 100th Anniversary, the members of the Bedford Fire Department held a reading of their first meeting minutes for their members at the Bedford Historical Hall.

The Bedford Fire Department presented a resolution and donation from their members to thank BHFD for our generosity to them in their foundation.

Whereas, at the first meeting of the Bedford Fire Department held at Historical Hall on January 8, 1923, it is recorded that “The Bedford Hills Fire Department had presented the village boys with two chemical tanks” for the purpose of providing fire protection to the Village, and

Whereas, the two chemical tanks were the first pieces of apparatus on record to exist for the use of fire suppression by the newly formed fire company of Bedford Village, and

Whereas, on March 5th, 1923, a reading of “communication from the Bedford Hills Fire Department stating that it was resolved at their monthly meeting held February 5th, 1923, that the apparatus given to Bedford Village be given to them outright for use as long as used for Fire Department purposes” but “be returned to them when not required by Bedford Village”, and

Whereas, the equipment is no longer required by Bedford Village, but

Whereas, we have no idea what happened to it!

Be it resolved that the Bedford Fire Department donate $100 to the Bedford Hills Fire Department to cover our debt, and to thank them for their enduring support, generosity, fraternity, and ongoing mutual aid assistance to the “Village” on our very first day and every day of our 100 years since.

Be it resolved that this resolution is recorded in our meeting minutes, and a copy be presented to the Bedford Hills Fire Department on the occasion of our Centennial Anniversary at Historical Hall on January 8, 2023.

On hand to accept the proclamation were Asst. Chief Zachary Patierno (Grandson of Bedford Ex-Chief Achille Patierno & son of Asst. Chief Robert Patierno Sr.), President Fuentes, Ex-Captain John Beach (Past Commissioner Bedford Fire District) and Deputy Chief & Chariman of the Bedford Hills Board of Fire Commissioners Joseph J. Lombardo III.

Congratulations BVFD on 100 Years of Dedicated Service to the Community!