Late Night Working Fire Assignment
By Deputy Chief Jason L. Nickson
January 11, 2023

At 23:05 hours on Tuesday January 10, 2023 – Bedford Hills Volunteers were alerted to a Reported Structure Fire in the Lake Marie Lane Complex.

Within two minutes of the initial dispatch all three chiefs were on scene with active fire in the walls of a four story middle of the row townhouse, Car 2031 transmitted the 10-75.

Engine 198 arrived on scene, secured its own water source and splitting its crew placed (1) 1 ¾” handline into service, and opened up the adjoining walls and ceiling - knocking the main body of fire down without extensive water use or damage.

The crew of Tower Ladder 57 & Engine 199 assisted with outside vent, overhaul and ventilation of the fire unit and exposure two residence.

The fire was quickly brought under control and all mutual aid was released shortly after midnight.

Operating Units:
BHFD - Car 2031 (IC), Car 2032 (Operations), Car 2033 (Attack), Engine 198, Engine 199, Tower Ladder 57, Rescue 10
BVFD - Car 2041, Engine 109 (Relocate)
CFFD - Car 2072, Car 2073, Ladder 67 (Relocate)
KFD - Car 2212, Car 2213, Engine 115
MKFD - Car 2282, Car 2284, Engine 104, Utility 13 (FAS Team)
WEMS - 45M1
WCDES - Battalion 13, C&O Zone 5
Bedford Police
Bedford Building Department


John January 11, 2023 at 11:58 PM
Fantastic response & it shows how BHFD
Can handle what could have been a very heavy damage & possible life threatening experience with outstanding. Teamwork